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Statutory Committees

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee shall consist of eight members to be appointed by the Council as follows:

  • a chairperson appointed from the Institute;
  • one person to represent the Ministry responsible for finance;
  • one person nominated by the Examinations Board;
  • one person to represent the securities exchanges;
  • one person nominated by the Capital Markets Authority;
  • two persons nominated by the Council to represent The Institute; and
  • one person, not being a member of the Institute, nominated by the Council to represent the users of services provided by securities and investments analysts.

Purposes of the registration committee

  • Receive, consider, and approve applications for registration as a certified investment and financial analyst
  • Grant practising certificates and annual licenses in accordance with the provisions of the Act
  • Monitor compliance with professional, quality assurance, and other standards published by the Council for observance by the members of the Institute
  • Prescribe regulations to govern quality assurance programmes, including actions necessary to rectify deviations from established standards
  • Where appropriate and based on the results of a quality assurance review, recommend to the Council that a member's conduct be referred for inquiry
  • Advise the council on matters pertaining to professional and other standards necessary for the achievement of quality assurance
  • Cancel certificates in accordance with the Act

Registration Committee Members

FFA Dr. Jonah AiyabeiChairman
FA John KirimiMember
Daniel WarutereMember representing the Capital Markets Authority (CMA)
CS Kuria WaithakaMember representing the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)
Dr. Indeje WanyamaMember representing the National Treasury & Planning
FA Joseph NdunguMember representing kasneb
FA Nicholas IthondekaMember representing Fund Managers Association

Disciplinary Committee

Purposes of the disciplinary committee

The Disciplinary Committee consists of eight members:

  • three members of the Institute
  • one nominated by the Council from another profession other than Securities and Investment Analysts;
  • one nominated by the Attorney-General;
  • one nominated by the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya;
  • one nominated by the Capital Markets Authority;
  • one nominated by the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the National Treasury.

Where the Council has reason to believe that a member of the Institute may have been guilty of professional misconduct it shall refer the matter to the Disciplinary Committee which shall inquire into the matter.

On the completion of an inquiry under section 28 into the alleged professional misconduct of a member of the Institute, the Disciplinary Committee shall submit to the Council a report of the inquiry which shall include recommendations for further action.

Where the Disciplinary Committee, in a report makes a recommendation to the Council shall inform the member concerned of the action to be taken against him and effect the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee.

A member aggrieved by a determination of the Disciplinary Committee may make an appeal to the Council within sixty days of the communication to him of such determination, providing the grounds upon which the appeal is lodged.

Disciplinary Committee Members

FFA Job KihumbaChairman
FFA Dr. Duncan Elly OchiengMember
FA Charity MuyaMember
Brenda OdiemboMember representing the Attorney General
FA Dr. Stephen IkikiiMember representing the National Treasury & Planning
James GithuMember representing IHRM
CS Judith OdugeMember representing ICS