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1 February 2022  


ICIFA, FMA collaborate to enhance the competitiveness of professionals in the sector

Thursday, 27th January 2022. Institute of Certified Investments and Financial Analysts (ICIFA) and Fund Managers Association (FMA) today formally handed over the Memorandum of Understanding (M0U) between ICIFA and FMA which was executed in 2021. The MOU will seek to enhance professional standards and the competitiveness of professionals in the sector.

Speaking at the MOU handover ceremony, ICIFA Vice Chairperson FA Leah Nyambura-Kagumba noted that the partnership would see financial and investment professionals undertake various capacity building initiatives geared towards advancing their competence in providing sound investment advice and management services to various stakeholders including businesses, entrepreneurs, the international community and the people of Kenya.

‘Through this collaboration, we will ensure that we provide the best services and advice to any individual or corporate seeking financial and investment counsel. I urge all persons who have completed the Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (CIFA) course examined by Kasneb to register with ICIFA, to ensure that we effectively regulate the sector and to take advantage of the initiatives outlined in this Agreement,’ added ICIFA Vice Chairperson FA Leah Nyambura-Kagumba.

Also at the Event, FMA Chairman, FA Jonathan Stichbury reiterated, ‘It is critical that we continue to work towards a common goal for excellence in the provision of financial and investment services. This partnership will ensure that we are at the forefront in upholding the highest ethical and professional standards as fund managers.’

The MOU which is set to run for a period of 5 years will see ICIFA and FMA collaborate in seeking mentorship and job opportunities for Certified Investment and Financial Analysts, promotion of investment research based on the sector’s performance. They will also carry out joint workshops and training for professionals in the sector as well as collaborate in joint Professional and Industry Awards.


About ICIFA ICIFA is the professional Investment and Financial Analysts’ body mandated by law to regulate the Investment and Financial Analysis profession in Kenya, being the only body authorized by law to register and grant practicing certificates to Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFAs) in Kenya both in private and public practice under the Investment and Financial Analysts Act (No.13 of 2015).

About FMA The Fund Managers Association (the FMA or the Association) is a Kenyan trade association established in 2008 to promote responsible and sustainable asset management. Membership in the Association is open to Capital Markets Authority (CMA) licensed organizations who manage funds on behalf of their clientele.

For more information, kindly contact info@icifa.co.ke.