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4 March 2021  

The Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (“ICIFA”), created under the Investment and Financial Analysts Act (No.13 of 2015) (“IFA Act”), is the only body mandated by law in Kenya to regulate and grant practising licences to Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFAs) in both private and public practice. In accordance with the Act, the examination body for Certified Investment and Financial Analysts Examination is kasneb.

ICIFA is dedicated to providing region-wide network and promoting the role of investment and financial analysts in financial, investment and related fields in all sectors of the economy as provided for in law and regulations. ICIFA provides skilled, competent, competitive professional expertise in all sectors in investment and finance, including but not limited to financial, capital markets, insurance, retirement benefits, trusts, saccos, wealth management and financial and investment advisory.

Some of the job roles that are legally reserved for CIFA qualified and ICIFA professionals include:

• Investment Analysts;

• Financial Analysts;

• Investment Research Analysts;

• Investment Officers;

• Investment/Portfolio/Fund/Pension Management;

• Investment Management in Investment Banking;

• Investment traders/dealers in Stockbroking and Forex Operations;

• Investment/Financial Advisors;

• Investment/Financial Specialists;

• Wealth Management Advisors;

• Financial Advisors/Planners;

• Derivatives/Commodities/Forex Analysts; and

• Other related roles.

In this regard, therefore, Human Resources (HR) Professionals are requested to always ensure that their job recruitment advertisements and similar public communication seeking to fill vacancies in the areas covered under the IFA Act as listed above that such communication require CIFA qualifications and ICIFA membership in good standing.

Organizations involved in investment analysis and/or financial analysis are required to be in compliance with the IFA Act.

ICIFA Council