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Important Notice

By:Registration Committee            2018-03-09

The  Institute  of  Certified  Investment  and  Financial  Analysts  (ICIFA)  hereby  gives 
notice to all firms engaged in the practice of investment and financial analysis and 
related services including investment transactions and investment advisory services, 
verification  or  certification  of  investments,  services  involving  investment  records 
and decisions, and any services which may be prescribed under the Investment and 
Financial Analysts (IFA) Act as follows:

1.  No  employee  shall  practice  as  an  investment  and  financial  analyst  unless  the 
employee is registered as a certified investment and financial analyst and holds 
a practising certificate and valid annual licence from the Registration Committee 
of the Institute in accordance with Sections 20(1) and 21(1) of the Act.
2.  All  licenced  firms  engaged  in  the  practice  of  investment  and  financial  analysis 
who  have  employees  who  are  registed as certified and  investment  analysts 
and hold a practicing certificate and valid annual licence are advised to submit 
their  details  to  the  Institute  by  31  March  2018  so  as  to  be  duly  registered  at 
no  additional  cost  and  gazetted.   The  Act,  under  Section  18(1),  requires  the 
Registration  Committee  to  obtain  and  keep  details  of  all  firms  engaged  in  the 
practice  of  financial  and  investment  analysis.  In  this  regard,  the  Institute  has 
put  in  place  a  registration  mechanism  for  firms  in  practice  for  implementation 
3.  In  accordance  with  Section  20(2),  any  person  who  practices  as  an  investment 
and  financial  analyst  without  being  registered  as  a  certified  investment  and 
financial  analyst  and  does  not  hold  a  practising  certificate  and  valid  annual 
licence commits an offence.

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