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By:ICIFA Secretariat            2018-02-05

The Institute as per the IFA Act (No.13 of 2015) Sec 8 (b) " promote research into the subjects of securities and investments and related matters, and the publication of books, periodicals, journals and articles in connection therewith;"  is in the process of developing the Journal of the Institute. The Journal will include both market based and/or academic research in the investment and finance field.

In view of this, the Education & Research Committee of the Institute invites members to express interest to serve in the Editorial & Review Board by Friday, February, 9 2017.


‘The Financial Analyst’ (A Journal of the Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts) seeks applications from enthusiastic researchers and scholars who can oversee and maintain the editorial direction of the journal to ensure a steady flow of engaging and thought-provoking original research publications.

‘The Financial Analyst’ is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing an open access original research, reports, and reviews. For future improvement and development, the Journal particularly seeks editors who can continue the enduring and ongoing editorial successes to next level and introduce the journal profile to different libraries and research centers in the region. ‘The Financial Analyst’ welcome applications from editors with strong academic background or having wide experience in academic/Industry/ research and international conferences.      


The Journal encourages scholars, researchers and academic professionals from different fields of financial markets to join our journals whether as editor or reviewer.


  • Determine and refine scopes and topics for the journal.
  • Collect and attract high quality papers to maintain quality standard.
  • Conduct designated member-review
  • Circulate call for papers to ICIFA members who may be colleagues, academics and professional connections to secure timely publication of journal issues.
  • Invite editors to strengthen journal editorial board.
  • Actively promote the journal to libraries and research centers for possible subscription.
  • Improve quality of member-review process to improve journal impact factor.
  • Work to index journal in well-known indexers, databases and websites.
  • Timely communicate with other editors.
  • Launch special issues for the journal highlighting latest topics.
  • Implements marketing plans, using a combination of online, print and physical channels.
  • Increases the journal's profile using websites, social media and email communications.


  • Editors will earn CPD credits.  
  • Editor’s name and affiliation will be listed in the Institute’s website and each member will have a professional web page including his/her photo and information.
  • Editors can publish editorial notes in journal issues free of charge after getting acceptance.
  • Editors can publish their research as journal publication.
  • Additional letters will be provided confirming editorial collaboration with ICIFA Journals in order for editors to improve their profile for academic purposes.
  • Editors will be invited to launch or participate in Special Issue.
  • Editors can also propose the benefit that they intend to get through their collaboration with the journal.


  • Must be a member of the Institute and of good standing. 
  • The applicant must be a holder of relevant degree. Masters & PhD will be an added advantage. 
  • The applicant must have experience in editing and review of research; market based and/or academic research in investment and finance field.
  • The applicant must submit all required information including contact information, list of journal topics, detailed updated CV, and level of contribution for the journal. 
  • Attach evidence of past research and editorial work done.  
  • The applicant must fill the ICIFA Expression of Interest for Editorial Board Form.   

Click on this link to download EOI form