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Investment and Financial Analysts Act 13 of 2015

The Investment and Financial analyst act was assented on the 11th of August 2015 and accorded the date of commencement of 8th December 2015. The Institute is proud of this milestone.We thank all those who have supported us up to this point and congratulate them as well for this achievement which was no small feat.The way to go is only up from here.

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ACIIA AGM Council Members and representatives from 23 countries gathered in Vienna,Austria Key discussion topics during the meeting included; membership changes' occurred during the year, update on societies considered as underperforming, approval of the budget 2015 (1 year) and 2016 (six months), update of the CIIA Syllabus, promotion & marketing, election of the ACIIA Board.

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Kenya to improve profile of investment analysts

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Investment analysts in Kenya will be regulated under a new proposed law as the country readies itself for several mega projects. The proposed law is also expected to facilitate formal recognition of investment analysts, enabling them to acquire skills and certifications that will enable them work across the world. The proposed law is known as the Draft Certified Securities and Investment Analysis (CSIA) Bill will be presented in the Kenya parliament for debate in the second week of December.