Frequently Asked Questions

Who is elligible for registration of ICIFA membership?

a]CIFA graduates including its earlier designations, CSIA/AFA/CFA East Africa. b) Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) graduates. c) Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) graduates. d) Practitioners in the financial markets who have at least 10 years relevant experience at senior level recognized by the Institute( ONLY WITHIN THE TRANSITION PERIOD)

How do I sign up for web services?

It is automatic, once you become a member our team will give log in details that will allow you access to privileged content.

How long will my registration take?

Once a member Registers with ICIFA you are allocated CIFA number.

Who offers and examines CIFA examinations?

KASNEB offers and examines CIFA course. Kindly visit KASNEB website for more information.

what are the benefits of being a member of the institute?

1.Enhance Knowledge development through Seminars, Conferences, Professional forums and Workshops. 2. Professional development through training/workshops. 3. Networking: Fostering collaborations between members through Annual General Meeting, conferences, ICIFA awards, seminars, breakfast meetings both at local and on a global scale. 4Opportunity to become an International Investment and Financial Analyst through ACIIA. 5. Professional Publications produced on a quarterly basis-Free copy to ICIFA members. Free electronic Newsletter. 6. Financial publications for sale offered on discounted prices to all ICIFA members. 7.Support ICIFA members through legal advice, professional standards in financial markets and technical advice in areas of operation. 8.Global recognition through our partnership with ACIIA. 9. Invitations to exclusive senior members events including dinners, roundtables in Investment forums 10. All members to enjoy discounts in booking of accommodation in luxurious hotels during Seminars and Conferences

What types of membership categories does ICIFA have?

1. Full Non Practising Member 2. Full Practising Member 3.Associate Member 4. Fellow of the Institute 5.Honanary Member

What is CIFA?

CIFA (Certified Investment and Financial Analysts) is a professional course examined by KASNEB, It was previously known as CSIA(Certified Securities and Investment Analysts). It has 3 parts(Part I, II and III) and has 6 sections ( Section 1-6). In total, CIFA is comprised of 18 papers(3 papers per section). PART 1 Section 1 1.Financial Accounting 2.FinancialMathematics 3.Enrepreneurship and Communication Section 2 4.Economics 5.Financial Institution and Market 6.Public Finance and Taxation PART 2 Section 3 7.Regulation of Financial Markets 8.Corporate Finance 9. Financial Statement Analysis Section 4 10. Equity Investment Analysis 11.Portfolio Management 12. Quantitative analysis PART 3 Section 5 13.Strategy,Governanace and Ethics 14.Fixed Income Investment Analysis 15.Alternative Investment Analysis Section 6 16.Advanced Portfolio Management 17.International Finance 18.Derivative Analysis There are 2 exam sittings in each year in May and December.

What does the transition period mean?

It is the period to implement the IFA Act No 13 of 2015.this is form 8th December 2015- 7th June 2017

What are the qualifications to register for CIFA?

1.Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) aggregate average of at least C plus (C+) with a C+ in Mathematics and English or its equivalent. 2.Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) with at least TWO principal passes provided that the applicant has credits in Mathematics and English at Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE) level or its equivalent. 3.KASNEB technician, diploma or professional examination certificate. 4.A degree from a recognised University. 5.Such other diplomas as may be approved by KASNEB.

Can i register for CIFA after completing the Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) examined by KASNEB?

Of course you can

Are there any exemptions for somebody who has an undergraduate degree or any other professional course?

YES This is according to KASNEB Exemption policy and the fees approved by KASNEB.

What are the ICIFAs operating hours?

Weekdays 8 AM- 4PM Closed on weekends and public holidays

Can a student sit for CIFA exam outside kenya?


Who can sit for the Certified International Investment Analyst(CIIA) in kenya ?

One must have completed the CIFA exam, examined by KASNEB and registered as a member of ICIFA The student will sit for two papers of CIIA examination to be awarded the CIIA designation.

who can use the title FA?

A person registered as a full member of the institute as per Section 4 (1)of IFA Ac tNo 13 of 2015.

How do i submit my applications?

1.Physical delivery to our offices. 2. Send by courier 3. Scan and send through official email

How do i pay for membership application and annual subscription fee?

You may make your payments via institutes NIC Bank, Branch NIC -House Bank Account No: 1002054295 2.Write us a cheque in favor of Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analyst 3.MPESA paybill number 593226. Account no, use your National ID number or membership number Note that no cash payments will be accepted

How do i register for ICIFA if i am CIFA graduate?

Fill 1.Membership Application Fee 2.Fit and proper Test(certified by a commissioner of oaths) 3.Application for grant of practising Certificate(if applying for grant of practising certificate) Attach 2 coloured passport size photograph A copy of your national ID Copies of final certificate of (CIFA/CSIA) or forward the notification from KASNEB Copies of academic qualification A copy of your Cirriculum Vitae

What is the title for associate members?

Associate Member of the Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (ACIFA)

when is the deadline for paying the annual subscription?

28th February of each year.

How long is my annual license valid?

The annual license is valid from 1st January- 31st December.

How much is the fee?

Membership Fee Ksh 10,000 Annual Subscription fee Ksh10,000 Practising Fee 15,000 FOREIGNORS Membership fee 15000 Annual subscription fee 15000 Note All CIFA graduates are elligible to a 40% DISCOUNT up to 7th June 2017 While applying for membership one pays the membership fee and the annual subscription for that year.