• To appreciate and profile member needs and make recommendations to Council for consideration on how to address the needs as identified
  •  To oversee production and distribution of the Finance and Investment Journa
  •  To develop marketing and member recruitment and retention plans and strategies
  •  To coordinate continual improvement in quality service provision to members including evaluation of member satisfaction   levels
  •  To profile and evaluate needy students with interest in the finance profession for award of scholarship
  •  To develop a student mentorship program and advise Council on the same
  •  Coordinate participation of practitioners in shaping development plans by the Institute for members in practice



  • To promote research in the subject of securities and investments and related matters, and
  • the publication of books, periodicals, journals and articles in connection therewith; ( the
  • Investment and Financial Analysts Act No. 13 of 2015 8b)
  •  Receive, review and recommend improvements on ICIFA research and training policy for
  • approval by Council
  •  Provide oversight on the implementation of the annual training and research plan
  •  Encourage pursuit of research interests among members of the Institute
  •  Identify and collaborate with research institutions for mutual benefit
  • Receive, review and recommend research proposals, and requests for funding for Council consideration
  •  Support members pursing research that is beneficial to ICIFA, its members and the finance and investment profession
  •  Develop and publish monthly articles in the national media
  •  To oversee the implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policies and guidelines.
  •  To oversee the adoption and implementation of the International Education Standards(IESs)
  • To oversee development and implementation of CPD calendar



  • Receive, review and make recommendations to Council on the Institute’s Strategic Plan
  • Review the Institute’s annual work plans and ensure that the same are in sync with strategic Plan
  •  Review and make recommendations on the Investment Policy and the Investments of the Institute
  •  To consider and review the Institute’s annual budget and to recommend to Council for
  • consideration thereby ensuring that annual plans are consistent with the longer term business plans of the Institute.
  •  Monitor the Institute’s performance on behalf of Council by reviewing and presenting
  • quarterly performance (both financial & strategic) reports to Council with appropriate recommendations
  •  To review the audited financial statements and recommend for Council’s approval.


  • Initiate proactive thought leadership by developing and disseminating position papers onregular basis
  •  Review and recommend appropriate organizational structure, staffing and rewarding in
  • order to attract, and retain human talent for achievement of ICIFA long term plans
  •  Engage with key identified stakeholders on quarterly basis to pursue agenda for furtherance of the Institute’s mandate
  •  Enhance participation in forums on governance and accountability
  •  Promptly address governance and accountability issues as and when they arise
  •  Continuously review and contribute to laws and bills being enacted to ensure googovernance and accountability are incorporated
  • To promote good financial reporting with a particular focus on public interest entities
  • To work closely with other regulators such as IRA, CBK, CMA, SASRA, RBA, NSE,
  • KASIB in areas of development and monitoring compliance with standards and prudential guidelines as issued from time to time.
  •  To monitor on Council’s behalf the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and controlsin line with statutory provisions, policies and by laws
  • Review effectiveness of the processes of corporate governance